Wewood is a portuguese brand founded in 2010, as the result of the research and development office of Móveis Carlos Alfredo, a company specialized in manufacturing & exporting solid wood furniture since 1964.
Each piece is born from the inspiration and creativity of the most talent designers and architects, turned into reality by the hands, wisdom and experience of our craftsmen.
In Wewood they believe in elevating the high-end joinery by producing superb solid furniture that promotes portuguese culture and design.
His team works every day to create products that represent values such as passion, function, aesthetics and know-how, which represent the brand’s dna.
The dedication present at all stages of production, and the combination of craftsmanship, high technology and innovative design results in a natural and certified product made with passion and expertise.
For all of this to be possible, we always keep a respectable and trustworthy relation with our employees, suppliers and clients, making us proud to consider them all part of the Wewood family.