Wewood is a Portuguese brand founded in 2010 in Granda, the result of the research and development of Móveis Carlos Alfredo, historic company specialized in the production and export of traditional solid wood furniture since 1964: a new division aimed at contemporary design and more experimental forms, without forgetting the solid roots linked to the tradition of woodworking.

The catalog consists of a part dedicated to the home and another for the office and the world of work; each piece comes from the inspiration and creativity of talented young designers and architects, transforming the wisdom and experience of local craftsmen into tangible reality. A small and young family, which takes care of all phases, from design to construction, from distribution to sale. In Portugal, in fact, especially in the areas surrounding the town of Granda, there is a great tradition of small manufacturing companies dedicated to the export of solid wood, in particular walnut and oak, and of some workshops for the creation of wood furnishings.

Wewood believes in the importance of high-end carpentry with the production of solid furniture in order to promote Portuguese culture and design, still little known in the rest of Europe, but with great potential and a long history behind it; The team, made up of very young kids, works every day to create products that represent values ??such as passion, function, aesthetics and know-how, which testify to the brand’s DNA.
The dedication present in all stages of production, and the combination of craftsmanship and high technology certify a natural product made with passion and competence.

The collection includes various types of furniture: containers, tables, chairs, sofas, all with a wooden structure, the result of careful craftsmanship combined with a design, which evokes the shapes and proportions of the 50s, openly citing some historical protagonists of the world of design, such as Professor Carlo Scarpa, among the best known and most refined personalities of Italian design. In fact, a sideboard of the same name is dedicated to him in walnut and oak, with inlaid sliding doors and legs from the typical 1950s line; the same belief is also available in other clearer and less elaborate variants.

A separate discussion must be dedicated to the Smart Shelf by designer Laurindo Marta, which represents one of the most iconic pieces of the entire collection: a bookcase that, thanks to the patented locking pins, can take on different configurations, having fun changing the shape and the size. The same is made of light oak or dark walnut.