Frank collection - Ferrero1947 - Luca Montrucchio


Collection 2016

Ferrero1947 presents a new project in the exhibition “When the mirror makes you beautiful”, based on the type of the console and its interpretations completed by a mirror from the same rigor. Essential graphic lines and alternation of different materials, characterize the ‘Frank’ project, where the young designer Luca Montrucchio worked with typical refined influences of the Jean Michel Frank’s style in a contemporary reinterpretation. Frank is also a tribute to Franco Curletto, who hosts the event and who made beauty his philosophy of life. A collection of small table mirrors, private vanity, complete the project, translating into a smaller scale the lines and the rigor of the primitive idea. The project is made entirely by hand, with the intervention of local artisans: each element is the result of a careful manual labor. Ferrero1947, with an experience of almost 70 years in the selection, distribution and sale of contemporary furniture, from 2105 decided to enter the world of production, producing a collection that embodies the ideology and style acquired over many years of activity.