First collection

FERRERO1947 presents Belt, after nearly 70 years of experience in the selection, distribution and sale of contemporary furniture, decides to enter in the world of production, creating division “Collection” for editing a collection of furnishings and implement the ideology and style acquired in many years of activity, with the support of the historic Private Archive, which collects a rich heritage of Italian and international design from 1940 to the present.

The coffee table “BELT” born in anticipation of what will be 01 Collection: its simple shapes and rigorous, with the study of a detail that generates the entire project, born from the creativity of the young designer Luca Montrucchio and represents totally style Ferrero1947 .

The product will be available in a wide range of colors and finishings, however, the company for its launch has wanted to focus on the contrast between two materials: metal and wood. The varnished metal, wraps and holds a thick top of fine wood, deliberately not finished with a touch of nature, and valuable in its natural veins.

Particular attention was paid to details, such as the tapering of the legs, and the proportions between the parties, such as that between the thickness of the metal profile and the radius of curvature, in an alternation of full and empty spaces.

To make the project even more appealing is the infinite number of possible combinations thanks to two heights and three different lengths, with harmonious shapes which allow you to create games of over-lapping, a reflection of the Bauhaus, giving a unique movement to the environment in which they are placed.

The name “BELT” is inspired by the shape of the structure of the legs, which surrounds and supports the wood top as a soft metal belt.

The “Collection 01” Ferrero1947 will be previewed in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, in via Cerva 16 at the Flagship Store Agata Della Torre, fashion designer that processes and shares the same principles of rigor and sophistication of style Ferrero1947